PSP/RCA is a landscape of concept furniture derived from statue-like forms of people sitting, standing or leaning against walls engaged in playing the PlayStation Portable. Modelled on these popular stances taken by gamers when playing, the pieces have been made in perforated steel with sections upholstered in felt. The effect is both sculptural and machine-like.

Each piece contains a PSP unit and users are encouraged to step inside these structures to play, the idea being to create an individual gaming experience while allowing for interaction with other gamers in other pieces using the PSP’s wi-fi capabilities.

The project was first exhibited to the public at the RCA’s galleries in December 2005 and at the Bank of America, Habitat and the Barbican in London. Visitors had the chance to enter the figures to play against each-other and experience the enclosure’s strange level of isolation and inclusion within this environment.

Designers: Corinne Bacon, Matthew Brown, Manolis Kelaidis, Peter Marigold, Alan Outten and Duncan Wilson.

Photography by Tom Fecht.