The cocoon-like nature of the furniture is related to the experience of playing games on the PSP. Initial inspiration came from observing group play at a barbecue: when still light in the early evening, a group of players put their coats over their heads to create shade and see the PSP's screen better. Despite not being able to see each other at all, they continued to happily taunt, insult and otherwise interact with each other as is the norm throughout the course of a game. Later on, we observed people huddled together during play, adopting statue-like poses and postures – some sitting, some standing, some leaning – largely unaware of the party going on around them.

When the idea of units designed to intensify the experience of using the PSP began to take shape, it was thought that these units would take their styling cues from the language of furniture. Research was undertaken to indentify the most common poses adopted by users of the PSP - standing, sitting, leaning against a wall or on a ledge sitting on the floor.

Once the conceptual idea had been generated it was a question of looking at the different options of form and materials. Lifesized cardboard mock-ups of the structures were built as we perfected the design and began to look into manufacturing possibilities and restrictions.