A collaboration with Duncan Wilson.

OTTO (derived from Greek for 'ear') is a device that makes everyday hidden sounds audible.

This is achieved via a sensitive contact microphone that senses weak vibrations and plays them as a sound through an integrated speaker. OTTO can be positioned on almost any surface through a combination of suction and magnets. A sound-filter dial for amplifying or suppressing certain frequencies allows the user to focus on and isolate the most interesting certain aspect of the hidden sound. OTTO's industrial design allows for versatility and intuitive use by achieving a balance between simple, understandable functions and controls and the flexibility to adapt to different input sources.

By placing several OTTOs on different objects, one can amplify those hidden sounds and play them back simultaneously in the room. Besides the exploratory aspect of this concept, this is analogous to sampling different audio tracks by a DJ to create a music track. By doing so, one can create a new sonic experience and a form of ambient music appreciation, thereby utilising our space as a multidirectional audio platform.

OTTO listening to ice crackling. By using the filter dial one can isolate the low frequencies which resemble a beat and amplify them via the integrated speaker.