A Blinked book may be an existing title enriched with digital content or a completely new form of publication written for such interactions.

To the right is a sample of spreads with printed links from the original protoype called blueBook illustrating various applications with rather conceptual graphics. All spreads were designed by graphic designer Nicholas Evans, while below follows a list of more specific examples.

  • Childrens books with images and sounds. For instance, a child may learn to associate objects or animals with sounds by simply touching on illustrations or learn to spell words by touching syllables printed in textbooks.
  • Science / Academic books; medicine books linked to anatomy animations; natural science theories and formulas linked to videos of experiments and graphical representations of data; history books linked to online citations.
  • Novels with non-linear stories; stories as a game; interactions with web content, music novels.
  • Music / Performance, like a published Puccini opera, a book-album by Radiohead or a tribute to Jimmy Hendrix with interviews and rare recordings.
  • Reference / Documentary books; WWII, ManU, Astronomy books linked to maps and archive footage.
  • Art & Design monographs or Museum catalogues, like a Miro book with voice-over or architecture books linked to videos of the architect’s design process.
  • Luxury brand promotional books or mail-order catalogues.
BlueBook's spread with a printed link. Touching the link evokes a children's voice saying: "This is a giraffe!".
Example of an art publication with a Miro painting. Touch (click) on one of the three links below the painting. (Voice courtesy of Tate Modern; Graphics by Grit Hartung).